Membership Agreement

1- This Membership Contract has been prepared by and its affiliates (hereinafter “Gallery Hereke” together) in order to set the rules and conditions of usage of the website “”.

2- Gallery Hereke will send the campaigns and announcements regularly to its members approving the Contract and allow them to use online shopping facility.

3- The website “” is an exclusive website and may not be transferred or sold.

4- The member will have a “password” to be set by him/her. The User is able to change his/ her password at any time. Gallery Hereke has taken all reasonable measures about the security of the members. The members are also obligated to protect their security. Gallery Hereke shall never request the passwords of the clients. Therefore, it shall not be liable for any problems to be arisen through using the passwords of the subscribers for any reason whatsoever.

The e-mail address that you provided during the registration is exclusive to the member and it is for single member only; one e-mail address may not be used to establish two memberships. The “password” shall be known only by the user.

In order to insure the user to utilize the services requiring active membership it shall enter an e-mail address and password during the registration.

5- The member agrees that may contact with him/her in order to present / offer the campaign applications in accordance with the personal information and shopping details provided by him/her to

6- The member agrees that he/she will be solely liable for any damages and losses incurred by him/her due to any missing or wrong information that he/she enters during his/her registration with the website; and that Gallery Hereke will be entitled to cancel his/her membership at one sided without any notice in the event of any misleading/wrong information and violation of this Contract by the member.

7- The member agrees and undertakes that his/she will not copy, reproduce, re-publish, or market any of the contents, information, documents, software, designs, graphics, visuals, images, videos etc. contained in the website of which all rights are owned by Gallery Hereke.

8- is entitled to cease / suspend its operation temporarily or permanently. Gallery Hereke will not be liable to the members of or any third parties related to the interruption or suspension of the system temporarily or permanently. is entitled to prevent the user to log in the System or to change his/her password without any reason, even if he/she will enter his/her e-mail address and password. has the copyrights related to the ownership of the information, documents, software, design, graphics etc. produced by it directly and/or acquired from external parties.

The sales of are limited to the stocks. is entitled to cancel the order and avoids to deliver the products not contained in the inventory any more, and refund the payment of the client to his/her account.

The exhibition of any product in the virtual store shall not mean necessarily that such product is contained within the stocks of the stores of or Gallery Hereke.

The information, document, software, design, graphic etc. works produced by the members and uploaded to the system for publication may not be used without permission. is solely entitled to change the prices and properties of the products sold at the website In the event of any mistake in the prices and product properties, will be entitled, at its sole discretion whether to correct such mistake and deliver the product or cancel the order and refund the order price to the account of the client. may provide links to the users to other websites. In such a link, will not be held liable for any content of such linked websites.

Gallery Hereke is entitled to make changes / amendments to the Contract or include new provisions due to technical requirements or complying with the applicable laws and regulations. is entitled to change the status of services not requiring membership currently, to a status requiring membership, or it may include new services, change some of the services partially or wholly or may start providing them in consideration of some fee.

9- The member hereby agrees and undertakes that the book records, microfilms, and computer records of Gallery Hereke shall be deemed as valid, binding, concrete and exclusive evidence pursuant to the article 193 et al. of the HMK (Code of Civil Procedure). The member hereby agrees, declares and undertakes that he /she waives from his right to object against and request sworn from Gallery Hereke in any dispute related to the validity of the records ofGallery Hereke .

10- Any dispute which may occur related to this Contract shall be governed by the provisions of this Contract first of all, and any matter not covered herein shall be governed by the applicable laws of Turkey.

11- TR Istanbul Center Courts and Bailiff Offices shall settle any dispute between the Parties arisen from the implementation of this Contract.

12- This contract shall be valid and effective as of the completion of the member registration form and setting the password by the user, and continue to be valid for indefinite time.

Gallery Hereke is entitled to cancel this contract at one sided and at any time as it desires.